How to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is characterized by a lot of tension and pressure in the arteries or vessels that transport blood from the heart to the body. We are going to take a look at how to control or manage high blood pressure.


The number one way to control hypertension is by exercising and doing so regularly. If your blood pressure is just slightly high then exercising ensures it does not end up being a full blown case of hypertension. If you already have high blood pressure, then you can manage it and bring it to a better level by engaging in exercises such as jogging and swimming to running and cycling.

Watch Your Weight

As your weight increases so does your blood pressure. It is imperative to lose a little weight and especially at the waist. Too much weight around the waist increases chances of having hypertension. Losing weight is by far one of the easiest ways to prevent or manage hypertension.

Reduce Your Alcohol

Taking alcohol in small quantities can be helpful. It is only when you begin to take a lot of alcohol that your blood pressure will increase to unacceptable levels. Learn to limit your intake because it may also nullify the effectiveness of any medication that you take to control your blood pressure

Cut Down Salt Intake

Salt or sodium has such a significant effect on a persons’ blood pressure such that even a small reduction can substantially reduce blood pressure. Learn to limit your sodium intake by making sure you do not take much of processed foods. Make it a habit to check food labels of what you usually buy and substitute with those that have lower levels of sodium. Do not add salt to your diet when having meals. If it is a problem for you, make sure you learn to reduce gradually.

Ensure Your Diet Is Healthy

Having healthy eating habits means you should take more of vegetables and fruits. Try as much as possible to cut down on foods that have too much cholesterol. Increase your intake of whole grains and ensure that the dairy products you take are low in fat.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

This role in blood pressure is debatable depending on whether one rarely takes caffeine or if one takes it habitually. It is, however, safe to lower your intake. Quit habits such as smoking and focus on reducing your stress levels.

Benefits Of Fish Oil

Oily fish have tissues from which fish oil is found and extracted from. Fish oil has an immense number of health benefits to the human body due to its fatty acids;

Combats Obesity

It is worth noting that obesity is a health problem being experienced by a majority of the population globally. This is characterized by a lot of body fat accumulating to a terrible extent where it poses a significant threat and danger to health and general wellbeing. Taking fish oil helps to combat obesity by decreasing to a great extent inflammation in stored fats

Fish Oil Helps Build Muscle

A well-detailed research has shown that fish oil contributes to creating muscle in the body primarily because it leads to a steady increase of protein being synthesized in the body while decreasing the amount of cortisol. The mass of tissue in the body increases and the effects of these omega three acids can be particularly helpful to athletes.

Heart Disease

Fish oil is incredibly beneficial in having a healthy heart. Heart disease is actually according to research, a leading cause of death in a vast fraction of countries in the world. Having a healthy heart is made possible because fish oil reduces cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure

Cancer Treatment

There are many forms in which cancer occurs. Cancer which is characterized by cells growing abnormally and in a way that cannot be controlled is seen to be remedied by an intake in fish oil which is a natural form of treatment. Further research is required to validate this theory fully, but a steady improvement has been noted in cancer patients who have taken fish oil


Osteoarthritis causes pain in the joints and a lot of stiffness. This is arthritis in its degenerative form. There are very many types of arthritis, but the good news is that taking fish oil can help a great deal in reducing the stiffness and pain in joints caused by inflammation. This is because fish oil has got anti-inflammatory properties.

Treatment of Ulcers

Proper research shows that fish oil should be recommended for people who suffer from peptic ulcers because it has anti-inflammatory properties and also increases the body’s immunity which prevents ulcers from occurring again. Fish oil also reduces stress and depression and anxiety which are the factors that play major roles in the development of peptic ulcers. Fish oil is even more beneficial in this aspect because it helps stabilize moods.